SKALE Network offers a sophisticated and highly effective approach to Proof of Stake — it uses a large pooled security model (pooled validation model) in conjunction with random node selection and frequent node rotation to enhance network security. Validators and delegators play a critical role in this approach, ensuring the SKALE Network is scalable, secure, and economically efficient. The SKALE Network also uses containerization and virtualization to turn a single server node into up to 128 virtualized subnodes.

SKALE Labs, the core team behind the SKALE Network, an open source elastic blockchain platform designed specifically for scaling Ethereum, today has announced over 40 integration partners and validators, in addition to the Dapps that joined the SKALE Innovator program and are currently building on the platform. This collection is one of the most significant ecosystem announcements as part of the network launch in recent years and signifies the importance and strength of the Ethereum Developer Ecosystem which SKALE is proud to be a part of.

SKALE is a key element within the Ethereum ecosphere given the advantages offered by…

With more than 150 events — ranging from massive thousand+ person conferences to informal meetups to hackathons to live podcast recordings and beyond — New York Blockchain Week has entered the rarified space of transcending the conference (Consensus) that started it to become a full on festival.

As anyone who has been to other professional festivals like SXSW or CES knows, though, figuring out what events to care about and how to spend one’s time can be a bit of a nightmare.

With that in mind, our team at SKALE has scoured the agendas of all the big events (not…

Jenia Barkanova

VP Marketing at SKALE Labs, building @SkaleNetwork. MBA @Duke. Ex: Marketing @ Adobe and Nest. Love stats, jazz, Parov Stellar, Kurt Vonnegut, and this planet.

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